Eichler Homes Remodeling Services

Eichler Homes Remodeling Service

Eichler Homes Remodeling Bay Area
Joe Eichler and his Eichler Homes. Real estate developer of California Joseph Eichler in the 1950s build around 11,000 houses around the Silicon Valley of San Francisco Bay. These homes then got their name from architect Joseph Eichler. The design added innovative, affordable living space on the bay. A true Eichler has large, glassed windows, roofed atrium slopping geometric tops, and wooden exteriors with an interior with lush green plants that give a natural look. These houses changed the reigning ideology of the places. Middle-class and nature-loving families were delighted with these elegant designs and moderate prices. GMJ Construction Inc. can professionally carry out all Eichler homes remodeling, renovation, and construction jobs.

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Nature-oriented, Open spaced, Budget Friendly Homes

Eichler Homes present a much wider open living space, conceptual layouts, and open-air foyers; featuring the interior and exterior design with glassed windows. Being budget-friendly was also an added feature for these homes.

Minimal Ornamentations with Distinctive Styles

Radiant heated floors with open beamed ceilings makes Eichler homes stand up on their interior. Eichler homes have clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a distinctive style. The Eichler home design pivoted around an open patio which became the center of greenery and welcomed nature lovers.

Wide and Open Spaces

Eichler Homes were built with originality and elegance, fulfilling all the utilities. These Eichler Homes have a small-sized concept kitchen in between the hallway. All the portions of the house, are separated with a large-sized glassed facade, making the home look wider and more open spaces. The glassed windows give an unobstructed view that seems to bring the outside in. These Eichler homes are constructed with locally stored materials.

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Let us transform your home. No matter how many or fewer amenities and furnishings you are opting for, our expert would look forward to adding up value to your Eichler Home project. Our team will make sure to deliver you the Eichler home that you dreamt of.

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