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best workmanship

Kitchen Remodel

Along with our entirely personalized designs, excellent customer service, and interesting showroom, we also have the best workmanship in the market. You want to make sure that the kitchen, as the center of the house, is both enjoyable and efficient.

We begin each project by creating 3-D models of your thoughts so you can see exactly how the finished product will look. By finishing projects on schedule, keeping a clean work environment, and connecting with clients regularly, GMJ Construction has established itself as the go-to business for kitchen design and remodeling in Santa Clara, California, and the surrounding region.

complete remodeling

Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom serves both the beginning and end of your day. Your dressing room should be a calm haven where you can relax and rejuvenate before the big day.

If you have a dream, we can help you make it a reality. Whether you want to make a few little changes or a complete remodeling of your bathroom, we can transform it into precisely what you desire. Our exceptional reputation as Santa Clara’s leading bathroom remodelers speaks for itself. For years to come, you’ll appreciate our meticulous attention to detail and superior workmanship. If that isn’t enough, we will also ensure that your project is completed on time and under budget.

design to construction

Room Addition

Adding more rooms to a home is a significant undertaking, so you’ll need a team of experts to get the task done. GMJ Construction, in Santa Clara, will assist you with room additions. One-stop shop for all your remodeling needs, from design to construction, we’re here for you.

Start by contacting us right now. Your new room has to blend in with your current space, not harm the structural integrity of the house or its foundation, and suit all of your demands perfectly, so you need to ensure that every stage of the building process is done meticulously.

build a new home

New Home Construction

Our contractors have a lot of experience in new home construction, and they can help you with any design ideas you have. Allow us to help you make your ideas and dreams come true. Are you not sure how to start? We ask the right questions and have the experience to make your dream home come true.

Please call us if you want to build a new home. Our experts will help you design the house, and they will make sure that every part of your project is done correctly. We are happy to say that over the years, we have built a lot of different types of homes for people in Santa Clara and the surrounding areas.

planning & design management

Planning & Design

It is the responsibility of the Planning and Design department to handle all aspects related to original planning, design management, and construction and infrastructure renovations. You can’t have a successful building project without good design and planning. Project management, architecture, real estate, construction, engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture are among the skillsets that our Planning and Design team has. The Planning and Design section can achieve strong architectural and engineering design while also adhering to sustainable practices thanks to cooperation and experience in their disciplines.

repeatable solution


We’ve discovered that the majority of homeowners choose something less extreme than a customized design. A predictable, but elegant option for adding a unit to their property, allowing them to go on with their life while we take care of the hard lifting. The key to delivering an ADU successfully is having a repeatable solution. Our pre-designed ADU models are the result of numerous hours of study, sketching, and a grasp of the particular characteristics of Santa Clara and the adjacent region’s backyards. Additionally, since our ADUs are site-built (rather than prefabricated), we are not restricted to single-story designs or those that resemble glorified trailers.

Real estate developer of California


Bernard Eichler was born in Vienna, Austria, in the early 1900s. A builder by trade, he left Europe to build homes in Berkeley, California. The Eichler home is defined by its integration with nature and an emphasis on efficiency without sacrificing style or quality – all of which are essential components of the enduring architecture.
Our Eichler Homes collection represents American Modernism’s peak – the Modern movement that embraces mass-produced materials, rationalist, and functionalist design. With their soaring glass walls and open floor plans, these homes offer stunning views from every vantage point.
If you’re considering remodeling or updating your home, GMJ Construction offers a wide range of services that can help get the job done right. From basement finishing to total home renovations, we have the right project for you!