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In winter, nothing is more relaxing than sitting near a fireplace and soothing the body in the cozy atmosphere. Fireplaces, a beautiful centerpiece of your room, become a focal point in winter. Eco-friendly indoor fireplace serves as a décor piece with maximum flexibility. Indoor Fireplaces add warmth and style to the indoors, giving a feel of being in a hotel or resort. A fireplace provides relief to the occupants in high, frigid temperatures.

You are building a traditional wood-burning hearth or going for a sleek gas or electric model. A modern indoor fireplace design is as necessary as the fire source selection is. To help you with fireplace design and layout, we have shared the ten best modern indoor fireplace ideas below.


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1. Linear Indoor Fireplace

Linear Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

Linear fireplaces are indoor fireplaces with a horizontal fireplace installed inside a wall in a rectangular, linear shape. Grabbing the intruder’s attention and arresting them with its looks, a linear fireplace helps significantly impact the interior design of a home. Clean finishing, proper style, and a comprehensive range of design options merged up in a linear fireplace can transform your indoors.


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2. Dual Sided Double Indoor Fireplace

Dual Sided Double Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

If you have two bedrooms sharing a single wall or a hallway sharing a back wall with the bedroom, then utilizing the walls and building a dual-sided double fireplace is the best choice. Dual-sided double fireplaces are also known as two-faced or two-sided fireplaces. Heating the adjacent rooms with a single, double-sided fireplace can reduce the heating cost by up to 50%, making dual-sided fireplaces a great budget-friendly option.


3. Clean and Modern Indoor Fireplace

Clean and Modern Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

Nothing looks more appealing than a clean, modern, well-maintained fireplace. Using a fireplace in a simple, single-colored room with fewer but unique and significant amenities can highlight the presence of a fireplace. Adding a subway tile façade and glass dooring the fireplace can give a fresh, clean, and modern look to contemporary spaces.


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4. Brickly Ledge Stone Indoor Fireplace

Brickly Ledge Stone Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

The warmth and texture bricks and stones can create in a fireplace can’t be meted out by any other layout. A stone-walled fireplace is more durable and doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently. You can paint the bricks in any of the solid colors and create a natural, dramatic hearth effect.


5. Minimalist Mantel Indoor Fireplace

Minimalist Mantel Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

Just like how clothes transform people’s appearances, a mantel can transform a fireplace’s look. And for indoor fireplaces, choosing a minimalist mantel can add decorative aesthetics to your room. A mantel enhances the face of the fireplace. Wooden minimal mantels with few graphics over and beside the walls can transform an indoor fireplace’s design.


6. Shiplap Indoor Fireplace

Shiplap Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

Shiplap walls surrounding a fireplace can add a pleasing charm to your room. Warmer distressed indoor finishes with a stunning allure fireplace make the interior attractive. Shiplap indoor fireplaces create a snugger, warmer atmosphere. Calling people to sit and relax for long, leaving the whole day’s tiredness behind.


7. Black, Sleek, Tiled Indoor Fireplace

Black, Sleek, Tiled Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

Sleek black porcelain tiles with the indoor fireplace can create a relaxing time glamour in the living area. Decorating the fireplace with tile work and restricting yourself to the mantel can give it a traditional look. Darker gray or matte black tiles give a luxurious interior feel with an appealing elegance.


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8. TV Top Wall Indoor Fireplace

TV Top Wall Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

Placing the TV above the fireplace might not be your first choice, but believe me, it can transform the living room’s configuration if done correctly. Setting the TV just to your eye level is the perfect height, but ensure a sufficient gap between the fireplace and the TV to keep it safe from warmth. You can go for various options like centered and non-centered TV firewalls or add speakers and luxurious shelves.


9. Cozy Bedroom Indoor Fireplace

Cozy Bedroom Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

A chrome-trimmed fireplace in the master bedroom can keep you warm on winter nights. Providing warm bedroom fireplaces can also add a fashion statement to your room’s decor. A fireplace in a bedroom can create a comfortable and cozy environment that can relieve you from the tiredness of hectic all-day routines.


10. Off-Centered Indoor Fireplace

Off-Centered Indoor Fireplace - GMJ Construction

If, for some reason—like structural constraints or layout limitations—you cannot build a fireplace in the center of the living room, then an off-centered indoor fireplace is a wise choice for asymmetrical rooms. For setting up an off-centered fireplace, we recommend maintaining an overall balance between the wall décor and the fireplace so that nothing shall look out of place. With a relevant matching design and décor, an off-centered indoor fireplace will have the same corner boast as the central one.

Your Next Fireplace Project and GMJ Construction, Inc.

You can decorate the fireplace with wood, metallic, stones, or even a coat of paint. Building an indoor fireplace is a bit complicated because you must take care of the dimensions and type of heating source in addition to the perfect interior match. To make the building job easier and more effective, you can hire a qualified team of workers at GMJ Construction Inc.

Design and set up a perfect indoor fireplace with GMJ Construction Inc. Our team of professionals can help you create a custom fireplace plan based on your house size, spacing, and vision. Imagining your ideas with our designer’s innovation and skillful workers can result in the fireplace you dreamed of.


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Final Words

Fireplaces also unite family members in one place despite providing a soothing, warm, relaxing atmosphere. Indoor fireplaces are far more of a decorative element than just a simple heating system. An indoor fireplace highlights and grabs the attention of intruders. No matter where you build a fireplace in the bedroom, living space, or hallway—it can transform the interior design with its glamorous presence.

We have shared ten modern indoor fireplace ideas above. Starting from the traditional mantel ones to the tv topped, the clean, modern one to the stone brickly one, each fireplace idea is unique in transforming your indoor. I hope you will find it helpful and knowledgeable on your journey towards building a new modern indoor fireplace.


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