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Painting brings a significant change in the overall look of the home. Paints are not just a decorating charm but also serve as a protective film for buildings too. A well-done paint job will make the property look aesthetically elegant. Paint jobs always start with surface preparation which includes power washing, sanding, and scraping. Priming is done to make the paint adhere properly and give a glossy finish.

Portraying the essence of the client’s imagination and limitless creativity onto the walls since years in Santa Clara California. Quality paint selection and skillful project execution led us to achieve on-time project completion leaving happy customers.

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Exterior painting

Exterior paint not only maintains a delightful appearance but also gives a welcoming gesture too. The quality exterior paint job is the first line of defense of the house against harsh weather conditions. At GMJ Inc our experienced painters ensure high-quality paint selection to maintain a long-lasting finish capable of withstanding different elements.

Exterior trim/shutters

A little color coat on decorative trims, crossheads, moldings, and window shutters can make your home stand out. Repainting the trim shutters can enhance and revamp the exterior look of your home. While painting the trims and shutters one should pay attention to high-wear protection coats and use such colors that complement the house paint.  

Rather it is a complete trim paint renewal or just the repair job we with our high-quality paints and skilled painters are ready to provide professional paint services.

Making Interior Room Painting As Easy As 1, 2, 3

A layer of paint is the easiest and quickest way to freshen up the interior look of the property. Perfect paint selection can highlight the features, make an impactful impression, and make the space feel enlarged. Interior painting had never been that easy with our color consultation, automated tools, and health-friendly dyes we are ready to transform the look and feel of your interior. From Hallways to the staircase, lobby to rooms no matter in what number or dimensions our painters are always eager to showcase their expertise.

We take measures to cover and protect your furniture and belonging. When the paint job is done, we provide a thorough clean-up so you get the near-net home.

Metal objector services – Paint electrostatically

GMJ contractor is amongst one of the few contractors in Santa Clara who provide onsite electrostatic painting services. Electrostatic paints are more convenient, durable, and value for money. They form a protective layer which makes them suitable for metal objects and protects them against further decay. Electrostatic paints are used on retail freezers, cabinet lockers, machinery, and all sort of metal and chained surfaces.  

Our Electrostatic paint services can be used on railings, fences, and all sorts of amenities. High-end electrostatic equipment and skilled workers provide paints that are smooth and durable in the finish, with minimal overspray and waste.

Paint/stain decks/fences/porches

Painting the car porches and covering the fences in elegant colors can increase the curb appeal of your home.  The paint job remains incomplete if decks are left untouched. The natural beauty of the decks can be increased by using flexible wood color staining. The staining also prevents the decks from environmental exposure.  

With the utmost professionalism, we provide quality paint services at affordable competitive pricing.


Faux finishes

Decorative paint finishes can give the feel of marble, wood, and stone from any surface. Faux finishing can be used for interior and exterior walls, furniture, and amenities to give the feel of color washing, crackling, and antiquing. With faux finishes, you can cross the aesthetic limits of ordinary paint and create your modern unique look.

If you think your walls need a faux finish that simply gets in touch, we would love to carry out your next paint project.

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GMJ Construction Inc. is the name of the reliable and safe way to paint your domestic and residential buildings. GMJ’s team of painters offers a wide range of extensive paint services including interior paint, exterior painting, deck stain, and wood finishing all at your doorstep. Highly committed to providing exceptional paint results.

Make a call and we will be there to discuss the requirements for your next paint job.

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