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Insulating the walls makes the home thermally efficient making people feel more comfortable inside even in chilly winters. Moreover, dry walls and insulations also damp sound so you can enjoy your favorite movies on high volume too. Drywall and insulation lower the carbon footprint, traps heat, and reduce heat loss as a result saving a lot of heating bills.

There are several types of drywalls and insulations available and the right one for your home depends upon your needs. GMJ Construction Inc. is providing high-quality drywall and insulation installation services both for residential and commercial properties at your doorsteps.

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Drywall installation

Reduced energy bills, decreased amount of carbon footprints, and a warmer and cozier interior. Quality drywall is the one that does effective heat retention. The drywall can make your home heat up quickly and retain heat for a longer period. Moreover, drywalls also make the interior of the home cooler in the summer.

Drywall installation in the cavity or loft can both increase the EPC value of your property and hence will benefit in selling and renting out. Drywall installation is a labor-intensive job and can’t be carried out single handily at home. To get most of the benefits an experienced installer like GMJ Inc is recommended. They will help you, guide and effectively control the whole drywall installation process.

Drywall repair

Drywall is one of the most used materials for the insulation of interior walls. Drywall is a very soft material and therefore is prone to get damaged. Most drywall repairs can be carried out easily. Patching, priming, and painting can help repair smaller damages to drywall. For larger drywall repair filling the dent, followed by sanding the affected area is a useful approach.

Our experienced workers had the honor to rectify all sorts of simple to complex drywall repair jobs in Santa Clara California.

Drywall Patching

Measure the drywall patch externally and cut a piece of the same drywall leaving 2 inches extra on each side. Afterward, score and snap away the gypsum. Apply the cut joint to cover its surrounding with the joining compound. Cover the patch with the entire patch and then reapply a second coat.

Drywall repairs and patching require the right tools, effective materials, and expertise to professionally use them if you have them then you should do your drywall patching yourself. Or else knock the professional for the job.

Batt or rolled insulation

Most homeowners think that batts and rolls are the same things, they are different. Both batt and rolls serve the sole purpose of insulation and differ in shape, build quality, and installation process. Batt’s insulations are thicker and heavier made of plastic fibers or natural glass while rolls are thinner and made of slag. Rolls are delivered and used in the form of rolls in length. While batts are delivered and used as panels for insulations.

Mainly attic insulations are carried out with rolls and batts. For rolls, the cutting precision, and installation accuracy requires the worker to be very skillful in the job. The small inch of a gap left between the rolls can allow heat loss and overall energy loss will occur.

Blown-in insulation

Blown insulation is also called loft or spray insulation. Blown-in insulation is a simple way to improve the energy efficiency of the home by adding insulation in the space between two existing walls. Both cellulose and fiberglass are the perfect material for blown-in insulation. Due to their ease of installation and air tightens property blown-in insulation is the best.

Generally, blown-in insulation is carried out by specialized machines and requires workers’ professional efficiency therefore we don’t recommend it to be done individually. Professionals can help you with material selection, drilling, insulation installation, and carrying out the project cleanly and seamlessly.

Other insulation installation service

Blanket batts and rolls are preferred for the attic, but these can also be used for insulating the foundation walls and sometimes ceilings too. Concrete block insulation is also an option for new construction or major renovations, but it is quite an expensive project. Concrete block insulation is 10 times more effective at moderating indoor temperatures. Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) used with unfinished and foundation walls can create a high thermal resistance.

The reflective system made up of foil-faced kraft is most suitable for preventing downward heat flow. SIPs Structural Insulation panels used in new construction can provide uniform insulation as compared to other traditional methods.

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Uninsulated homes are less energy efficient, and a major portion of the heat is lost. Therefore, insulation is very necessary because it prevents heat losses creating a barrier surrounding the home. The benefits of insulation are numerous it lowers energy consumption in terms of the bill, reduces carbon emissions, and damp sounds and last but not least keeps homes warmer in winter and colder in summer.

Before Installing insulation, you need to ensure a few parameters you should consider the property type, current energy efficiency of the home, planning permission, safety measure, and budgeting. To carry out a hectic free professional insulating project reach out to us we will get in touch with you to get the best out of your next insulation project.

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