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Building a room addition can be a perfect option if you have a small home and are looking to adjust some extra guests. You should build a room addition that can have competitive features and increase the house value in the long run. Room addition also improves the liveability standards of the home. Before getting started with a room addition build, you should know what the core steps that should be followed for building a room addition are. There are several steps involved in building a room addition. Here we discuss the 8 of the most effective steps below.


1. Answering the 5 Ws

Why What When Where Who - GMJ Construction

The most critical step before starting a room addition build is to gather quick information regarding your whole project. The best way to do so is to use a 5 Ws formula. Which includes answering Why, What, When, Where, and Who. Once you have the answers to all these 5 Ws, you will come up with a clear picture of the room addition in your mind; hence, the whole room addition will become much easier and simpler.


Why do you need a room ADDITION?

Why do you need a room Addition build - GMJ ConstructionWhat was your sole purpose for going for a room addition? Most people usually go for a room addition because they need some extra space. That room could then be utilized for setting up an office, a bedroom, or a playroom for children. But if you knew earlier what you would be making of room addition, it would make the room addition more specific and accurate. As a result, it will give you a good return on investment.


What do you want in a room addition build?

Once you have decided that you need a room addition to make an extra bedroom over it, then it’s time to think of the amenities you want in the room, like the appliances, fixtures, and gadgets, also knowing the size and the dimensions which can perfectly fit a double bed. This will later help in the design phase of the room’s interior.ITEMS FOR THE ADDITONAL ROOM - GMJ Construction

When do you need it to be started and get completed?

The best home construction company is that they stick to the deadlines and deliver above expectations within that deadline. Selecting a suitable deadline and monitoring the whole process makes the workflow smooth for a room addition.

Where do you want to add a room addition?

Room additions can be made in a free space adjacent to your house. Moreover, they can be made internally by dividing a larger room or a larger living space into a smaller one and adding a room. The selection of space before starting the actual room addition process is very necessary. Professional contractors like GMJ Inc teams can help you out with location selection.

Who is going to be a perfect fit for the room addition build?

Once you have decided on the time parameters and the purpose of the room you want to build, then it’s time to hunt out a perfect construction company. Go for the one with a good reputation, user-friendly customer support, and reasonable competitive rates.

2. Acquiring HOA Addition Permits

If you live in a community area, you would need to acquire approval. The approval is usually taken from a homeowner’s association head of construction, who might visit your site and see the plan before authorizing you to start the room addition. Usually, when you hire a reputable builder, they do this process of acquiring the construction permit.

building permits - GMJ Construction


3. Selecting and Hiring a Contractor

As discussed in the 5th W selecting a contractor would depend upon several parameters. The most important thing in each construction project is the choice of a good contractor. Choosing a good remodeling contractor can be very beneficial as they keep you updated with the whole process and stick to deadlines. If your contractor and his professional team are good, your work will be seamless, and you will surely get your dream room addition.Hiring a Contractor for room addition build - GMJ Construction


4. Budgeting, Planning, and Designing

After selecting a contractor, you move on to the next step of planning and designing the room addition. A good contractor like GMJ Construction US has a team of expert designers and planners who can help you figure out a perfect design for your room addition. Their team of innovative designers comes up with various customized designs and plans. You can easily choose one from them. You can enjoy these perks if you hire a well-known professional contractor.Budgeting, planning and designing for room addition build - GMJ Construction

Once you have chosen the plan and design for your room addition, the next is to discuss the budgeting. The best practice is always to have a 10% relaxation in the upper and lower limits of the defined budget, which is always a helpful approach.


5. Laying Foundation and Structural Building

The actual construction work starts by laying down the foundations. Better excavation and deep earth trenching before building a wooden foundation make the building rigid and help it withstand longer. Usually, the foundation former takes longer to set correctly.Laying Down the Foundation for room addition build - GMJ Construction


6. Framing the Walls and Roofing

After the foundation is wholly solidified and held firmly with the soil, the framing crew starts with framing work. Framing work takes less time, and you will notice stud walls and roofing formation in a day or two.Framing for room addition build - GMJ Construction

As the framing is done, a team starts sheathing the whole frame to weatherproof the entire structure. Wall and roof sheathing are usually done with OSB-oriented strand board panels. Roofs are commonly covered with shingles. After surrounding the farming windows, the formation is followed by door installation.


7. Installing HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing

Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC system installation is started just after the framing. The wiring and Plumbing are a bit complicated but is also the most important element within a room addition. As soon as they are installed, they are inspected by the contractors for their practical functionality.Complete Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC for room addition build - GMJ Construction

After getting done with the proper HVAC installation, the workers move towards adding adequate insulation to the room. Later, the open walls are covered up by adding new dry walls.


8. Final Inspection and Closing of the Room Addition Build

Installation of some post fixtures like flooring, lighting, and ceiling is carried out, and all sorts of interior finishing are done to make the room liveable.Lighting Fixtures for room addition build - GMJ Construction

After that, the contractor hands over the project site to the owner. Here the owners take the final go-through, inspect all the areas and check if something is missing or left undone. If the owner is completely satisfied, then he closes out the project. And start enjoying his newly made room addition.


Final Words

Building a room addition is an excellent investment in your initial property. There are several steps in creating a room addition. Eight of the essential ones are mentioned by us in this article. If you know these steps, progress tracking will become much easier. A good constructor like GMJ Inc keeps the customers informed about all the processes. Their team of innovative designers encourages owners to express and share their ideas too.

If you want to hire a contractor for construction or renovation, then GMJ construction, with its expert professionals, is ready to uphold your next project. They are always looking forward to transforming your concepts into reality.

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