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If you are ready to upgrade the look of your home, then renovating the flooring is a great investment. Residential and commercial floorings come in a great variety of shapes, shades, colors, and materials.  From hardwood floors to ceramic tiles, our experts can help you out with each type of flooring process. The type of flooring and the area to be covered will determine the cost of the flooring our team will be by your side during the whole process.


Many homeowners attempt to install the flooring on their own resulting in ruining the expensive flooring and devaluing the look. Therefore, before getting started we recommend having basic knowledge of the flooring types or hiring a professional for the job. There are various types of flooring with Unique installation features available therefore sometimes it becomes hard to choose. But knowing the key benefits, advantages, and disadvantages can help you choose the perfect flooring for your needs. To help you out with the decision-making Below, here is a list of the most used flooring.

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Flooring/carpeting removal

Before a new flooring is rolled up the previous one must come off. Removing flooring is a messy job and requires expert hands. Carpeting removal at GMJ is followed by subfloor inspection which is succeeded by sweeping. Cleaning and vacuuming remove all the dirt and debris making the floor look satisfyingly delightful.

Hardwood flooring installation/repair

Hardwood flooring is made up of different types of solid wood plaques including woods from oak, maple, beech, and red cheddar. Professionally installed hardwood flooring looks sophisticatedly elegant and modern in all sorts of commercial and residential apartments. These hardwoods are shiny, hard to wear, and easy to clean and maintain. Above all, they last longer than all sorts of other flooring.

Hardwood flooring is adversely affected by moisture and humidity. Both humidity and moisture cause the wood surface to expand out and hence cause buckling peaking on floors. GMJ construction hardwood flooring installation and repair services are the total solution to all sorts of hardwood floorings in Santa Clara.  

Laminate flooring installation/repair

Modern laminate flooring is now a popular choice for most homeowners. These laminate floorings are long-lasting, hard to wear, and a worry-free solution to your next laminate flooring projects. These are ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways.

Laminate flooring uses a groove fitting system and needs an underlay. Cleaning and damping of the sub-surface are also essential.

Tile flooring/install/repair

The new and compelling texture of a tile can transform the look of the home. Tile floorings are relatively inexpensive, durable, and stylish. Tile flooring for the pool, kitchen, bathroom and car porches are all different. The best part about tile flooring is that you have multiple choices of style, shape, and material type to choose from.

GMJ Construction Inc’s team of professional tile installers is ready to schedule, survey, discuss and encounter the challenges of the tile flooring installation process. A dedicated team is always ready to be performing above expectations in both tile flooring installation and repair jobs.

Stone flooring install/repair

Stone flooring is one of the most beautiful studies and long-lasting flooring options. Stone flooring is such a diversified flooring that it can be used both indoors and outdoors too. Stone floors are hard on the top with less wear resistance and require minimal maintenance.

The disadvantage of stone flooring includes its high strength making them risky for kids to play over. They are expensive are also remain cold during the winter. They are difficult to install, remove and repair. Only experts like GMJ flooring skillful workers can carry out their installation and repair.


Grout cleaning

Old tiles start to lose their polish and luster with time. If not cleaned on proper time can lead to accumulating stains which are impossible to be removed with a normal mop. At this stage, you need an experienced contractor who can professionally handle the grout cleaning.

GMJ Construction is a specialized contractor with a certified specialist for grout restoration and cleaning.

Tackling with discolored infested grouts and bringing the dirty old tiles to a new life after years GMJ Inc is winning the hearts of its customers.


Flooring choices can transform the look of houses, so it is better to choose them wisely. Quality service of flooring repair and installation can improve the appearance and sanitation of the home. Our flooring looks as good as installed today. At GMJ Construction Inc we aim to provide quality service in all sorts of renovations.

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