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Top 10 Different Door Styles Based on Build Material Type

Doors can also be classified on the basis of the material they are made of. Each material has its own pros and cons and can be used with its own suitable requirements. To choose the best door for a particular application, you should understand the basic styles of doors based on their building material type. Below, we have shared a list of the top 10 different door styles based on build material type.   1.     Wooden Door Wooden and timber doors are readily available in different customizable sizes. With a simple coat of paint, you can match up the door with your interior and exterior. They can be easily manufactured by a local carpenter and therefore have low rates. Keeping in mind the sound insulation and security, wooden doors are good at providing sufficient privacy. A wooden door is easy to install and maintain. A wooden door gives a natural look to your home, making it elegant and graceful as a build material type. Wooden doors are known to be used in barn style and pocket style doors.   2.   Steel Door Steel doors are the toughest and most durable. That’s why they have been mainly used as an exterior door for years. Steel doors with a solid design are less appealing than steel doors with a hollow design, but hollow designs will require frequent cleaning if used outdoors. Steel doors are the best alternative to wooden doors and require less maintenance. Steel doors can be made beautiful by giving them a wooden texture and painting them. Steel doors in the style of roller and shutter doors are mainly installed in commercial buildings like schools, offices, and hospitals.   3.   Glass Door Glassed doors are mainly doors made up of glass panels set into frames of steel, wood, or aluminum. These doors allow maximum light inside the house. Glass doors are used at the back to get an unobstructed view of the outside. Sanded glass doors or using curtains above glass doors is the best way to ensure sufficient privacy. Glass doors give a beautiful look but need to be equally maintained in a clean condition. They are less durable and costlier. Glass doors are widely used in sliding and pivot door styles in homes and offices.   4.   Fiberglass Door With low maintenance, moderate cost, and high strength, fiberglass doors are a cost-effective option. Fiberglass doors stand stable and offer maximum sound proofing. Fiberglass doors are highly durable and dent resistant. Fiberglass doors with a coat of paint matching the aesthetic can be used both as interior doors and exterior doors.   5.    Fiber Reinforced Plastic Door FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) doors are a popular choice in modern construction. These doors are made up of versatile, high strength, durable materials that are totally waterproof and easy to clean. The fiber reinforced glass is light weight and weather resistant, so there is no need to add a weather sheet. Considerable fabrication and design. These Fiber Reinforced Plastic Doors are a perfect build material type replacement for wood and steel doors.   6.   Aluminum Door Aluminum’s light weight and high strength have put this metal in the industry. Aluminum doors are also waterproof and are very rarely affected by the environment. Many window panels and doors are made of aluminum. Aluminum is also used in different parts of a building’s interior design for contemporary décor. Aluminum doors are economical and, with a little fabrication and design, can totally enhance the look of your home as a build material type.   7.    Battened or Ledged Door 1-6 | 2-2 Battened and ledged doors have been used for ages. They consist of several vertical ledges with two or three horizontal ledges keeping them in place. Battened ledge doors are used by some people as garden doors. You can find these types of doors at historical places. Battened or ledged doors are used in farmhouses and other areas where affordability is the goal.   8.   Flush Door 4-18 Plain surface doors made of fiberboard or plywood are referred to as “flush doors.” These doors are highly affordable and have comparable durability. These doors have a pleasingly simple appearance and basic construction. They are easy to clean and don’t require much maintenance. Flush doors in the style of pocket, barn, or hinged doors are used as doors to indoor utilities.   9.   Bamboo Door 3-13 Bamboo’s light weight and stringy nature make it a great choice for doors. Bamboo doors are easy to handle, repair, and maintain. With love, the bamboo doors are a budget friendly option. They are environmentally friendly doors and are waterproof and rust resistant. Bamboo doors are commonly used as the backyard door in both hinged and French door styles.   10.  PVS Doors 2-7 Polyvinyl Chloride doors are light weight easy to install. They come up in a variety of designs and can be painted in various colors. These doors are corroded resistant and require almost no maintenance. PVC doors can easily sustain almost all-weather conditions. PVC doors Durable cheaper and light weight ability makes them the readily available to be used as doors in houses, offices, and commercial zones. Final Words Doors are the gateway to the house, so choose a style that can make some difference in the overall look of your house and make them interesting and appealing. The location at which you need the door, the building materials and your budget will decide on the style you should opt for. We have shared a guide of 10 different door types based on both style and build material type to consider for homes and office renovations. 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